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Trainings and Courses in Leather Goods, Saddlery, Gainerie

Le Sellier de Navarre

€ 80  for 4 hours of initiation into leather goods and creation of a leather article

Discovery of materials and tools

Offer valid from 03/09/2022 to 30/06/2023

The Sellier de Navarre workshop is the culmination of a journey of more than 30 years in the leather trades and for Parisian luxury houses.

It is the love of a profession, a material and French know-how put at the service of all.

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It is a transmission of passion.

The Atelier Le Sellier de Navarre warmly welcomes you to initiate you, train you or perfect your skills in Leather Goods, Saddlery and Sheathing.


Learning is guaranteed to you thanks to the pedagogical and professional method.


For one day, a desire, a project, we put our know-how at your disposal in order to better pass on to you our passion for leather and crafts.

This place located at 23 rue de Cloys close to the Town Hall of the 18th arrondissement is in the heart of a popular district in full expansion.


You will discover the atmosphere of a traditional workshop.

There is an atmosphere of yesteryear: old tools on display, frames of products from the industrial era bathed in the smell of leather...

A large, fully-equipped central workbench promotes discussion between participants, and sets the tone of conviviality.

This unique place in Paris offers an ideal   setting to discover or confirm your passion for this noble material:the leather.

The workshop has a complete range of hand tools as well as a fleet of high-performance machines to optimize the work.


You will be able to make and design all the articles of the Leather Goods, Saddlery and Sheathing trades:  

Wallets, bags, luggage, boxes, travel trunks, but also unusual objects!

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