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Team building  


For your business meetings, group challenges, workshops with friends, build a dynamic project together!

In a corporate spirit, you will develop the faculties of growth  human and professional and enter into a process of creation or rewarding business.


Learn to undertake!  


The central device of the work plan will allow you to share, exchange, dialogue for a common objective: to know the basic techniques of an exceptional know-how. As a team, you create a small series of leather goods and saddlery. Thoroughness, precision and organization are the prerequisites to be the talent of a  day  !


The workshop can contain from 6 to  10 people.

The team building day lasts 7:30.


Prices  :

Team building day  :

127 € / person (10 pers)                       

158 € / person (8 pers)                     

211 € / person (6 people)

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