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Laurent Charby, teacher and leather goods professional: 

"Leather has always been for me   a driving force, a "fascination".

I have always been passionate about this material and its working techniques.


In 1985 I direct my career towards the job of Saddler-Leatherworker, Gainier.

I quickly worked in major Parisian luxury houses where I was able to develop my know-how and my skills by creating exceptional items."

"I have always appreciated sharing and naturally for a few years I have been initiating and training in the profession of Saddler-Leatherworker within the National Education, the Paris City Hall and the Greta de la mode et des Métiers d'art .


I design and pilot professional training modules."

“I want to pass on and share with as many people as possible this passion for this wonderful job.


The Saddlery-Leather Goods courses that I have designed, as well as several ranges of "turnkey" leather kits are of a professional level of preparation and presentation.

They are open to fashion professionals and artisans as well as amateurs and novices wishing to learn or acquire new know-how.

"No one can become wise in time, - If he had been quite right from the start: - What craftsman was therefore a perfect master, - From the first day of his apprenticeship."


Quatrains by M. de Pybrac

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