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Workstation rental  :


This moment is the meeting place for stylists, creators, autodidacts, young professionals eager to work with leather in the best possible conditions. The station rental includes the supply of all the tools necessary for a good achievement. A supervisor will be present within a fleet of machines to support all your projects. To facilitate exchanges, you will work in the midst of other creators. You will be able to grow from your common experiences.  


Prices  :

Annual membership  : 12 €

Position rental module  working hours 40h00 / Quarter  : 480 €

Position rental module  of work 60h00 € / Quarter  : 680 €



Prototyping and tailor-made  :


Le Sellier de Navarre offers you its prototyping service and the development of leather goods and saddlery ranges.

We also produce custom-made items for the needs of our customers.


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